What I’ve learned so far

I tend to be careful and thorough. I’m nervous by nature, so before I launch into anything I try to make sure I know exactly, or as close to exactly as possible, what I’m getting into. To that end, I’ve read a lot about law school and spoken personally with several people who are in the profession. Here are a few of the things I’ve learned.

  1. Applications are down and this could be a good thing for me. The fewer applicants there are, the fewer people I’m competing with, both for admission and scholarships. Since law schools are getting fewer applicants but still need to pay for things, they’re admitting candidates today that they may not necessarily have admitted a few years ago when they could afford to be pickier. This is both a good thing (I could get in and get money!) and a bad thing (I may get in and be set up for failure or be surrounded by people who arguably should not be there).
  2. 1L is hard. Very, very hard. All of law school will be hard, but 1L will by a long shot be one of the most difficult things I’ll do, at least for my career. It’s so infamous there is a small library of books about it, a few of which I’ve read (just in case).
  3. Law can be snobby and elitist. The ranking of the law school you attend matters, more so depending on your career goals. If you just want to be a lawyer and practice, it’s not quite as important as if you want to be a federal judicial clerk, judge, law professor, or other impressive thing.

I know I’ve come across more in the reading and talking I’ve done in the last few months, but I can’t think of it now. Hopefully I’ll remember this post and update it as I learn more or find links to the things I already know just to prove that I actually know them and am not just making them up or assuming them.