The goal of this site is not only to write down this journey so I don’t forget it, but to have that journey be available for others. When I started thinking about law school I sought out the experiences of others to see if this is really the right path for me. While I was able to talk to a few people I know in real life, I wanted to find someone else’s full documented journey. I read the obvious books, Paper Chase, 1L of a Ride, and Law School Survival Guide, but they didn’t give me the full picture I was looking for either. There are a few blogs, (comment with links if you have one or are following one!)  but they’re hard to find. So I’m here adding my two cents to the conversation hoping we can both benefit and maybe I can find a community of those surviving similar struggles and celebrating accomplishments

I live in the VERYHOT and VERYCOLD part of the country with my husband, little kids, and old dog. I’m currently a SAHM who does editing and proofreading in the evenings in addition to studying for the LSAT and trying not to let too much fall through the cracks. In addition to my family, I love reading, pretty things, traveling (though I don’t do much of it), and being outdoors. Keeping my goal in mind, I’ll try to focus on the law school journey and bring the other things in only as the relate to that.

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    • Thank you! I’d love to see this community grow, though I understand time and energy limitations from the resource drain that is law prep and law school will be a challenge. Keep it up! 🙂

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