It’s over

It’s over. I took the LSAT last Saturday. It went well enough, but I still think I’m going to have to re take it. I won’t know for a few weeks, so I’m just staying busy until then.

The post-LSAT freedom has me seriously thinking about whether law school is really the right thing for me. I didn’t realize while I was in the thick of it just how much time and energy studying was taking. Now that it’s over I suddenly have back so many things I’d somehow come to take for granted were gone: Naps, time and patience with the family, playing outside, free reading, hobbies… I’m not sure those are things I want to give up for three solid years, even if it is for a greater purpose than passing a single test whose content I will never again be required to know.

One thought on “It’s over

  1. Congrats on finishing! I hope you get a great score. In response to your hesitations however, don’t give up on your dream of law school. The LSAT is NOT representative of what law school is like. It mildly resembles finals (which is only 3-4 weeks of a 16 week semester) but its not what law school is all about. I’ve had more free time than I know what to do with, and I’m a 1L. Its about the balance and scheduling. You can still take your naps, read in your spare time and enjoy all of your favorite hobbies. I write this blog, I do yoga in the park on the weekend and I have a healthy relationship. I know law school isn’t for everyone but i’d hate for you to decide against going because of the things you listed. If you ever want to talk about what law school is really like I would love to talk to you 🙂 Wish you the best!

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