• I love this post by Jordan at MsJD. Not only is it filled with Harry Potter references, but it’s some of the best law school advice I’ve seen yet. And I’ve seen a lot of law school advice, inasmuch as I actively seek it out almost constantly.


  • Fran looks fabulous in this dress and I want it. But, with my really pale skin (outside all summer but wearing SPF 50+), brown hair, and blue eyes, will I look like an interpretation of Dorothy?
  • I need to get things in gear like her. Her organization, planning, and execution are amazing and it has the results I’m looking, mostly saving money and feeding the kids better. This should give me more time, reduce stress, and keep more money in the house to help deal with the upcoming costs of registering for LSAT, buying another book of preptests, and putting the kids in daycare for the week before the test.
  • Good luck Lawtoya! Have fun on your new adventure, and definitely read Jordan’s post I liked at the top of this page.



  • I’ve started rewarching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix in anticipation of the next season starting soon-ish. The most recent seasons are so terrible I’d started to forget that the first few were actually pretty good.

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