Law student blogs I try to follow

I’ll try to keep this post updated with the law/student blogs I follow.  Let me know if I should add something!

Tales from 3L Hell

A Little Bit of Lacquer (medicine, but close enough)

LawToya Talks

Franish (another medicine, but also close enough)

Kristin Does Law School

Lawyer in the Making

The Second Sunflower

The Pleated Poppy (mostly for the style, but her general attitude helps keep my sometimes-negative one in check)



Professionally Petite (out of law school and practicing, mostly about professional style/fashion)

Easy Petite Looks (anther med student, but good)

6 thoughts on “Law student blogs I try to follow

    • Love it! I liked your description of your actual LSAT experience. Honestly, I’m getting ok at the practice tests, but the real thing terrifies me.

      • Sounds like you’ve got the practicing down. The biggest thing the day of is really the nerves — the test itself is really not that bad!

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