Finished Logical Reasoning

I finished the Powerscore Logical Reasoning book on Monday.

I feel a little better about those sections now, but I still don’t feel like I’ve come as far after reading this book as I did after reading the analytical reading book. I’m still missing these questions and not always certain why I’m getting them wrong. Honestly, I’m not always certain why I’m getting the right.

But I’m done with that book, and after as dense as that book was, I’m just glad to be to this point. The last few chapters are really short, so it was too easy for me to get eager to be done when I was into the last quarter of it. I could see the end in sight and I pushed to get there. I was tired of it and ready to start doing practice tests. The practice tests will allow me to quantitatively measure my progress and see real, solid improvement (or lack thereof), whereas the book wasn’t giving me that sense of accomplishment.

Now I’m ready to tackle the rest of the preptests in the first book I bought and then push through to the 10 Actual, Real LSATs book I bought over Mother’s Day.

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