First Steps

Last night I took my first steps toward a post-SAHM career: I had a social visit with our family lawyer to discuss my plans and their viability.

It began when I endorsed her on LinkedIn and she followed up thanking me and asking how things are going. I told her I had started looking ahead to what comes next for me once the kids are in school and I that I kept coming back to law school. I’d explored other possibilities and other doctoral and master’s programs but for me nothing has the allure of law. It is what I’m looking for and where my career has been headed.

Her response was not exactly enthusiastic. It’s no secret that the law profession is contracting. There are fewer applicants to law school, presumably because there are fewer law jobs available, so that makes law school a “bad investment.” It’s hard to argue with that. I think she felt it would be irresponsible to issue an enthusiastic GO FOR IT without having more information about me when I’m thinking of heading down a path that’s more difficult (though not admissions-wise: with fewer applicants, many schools are relaxing their admissions standards) and risky than it has been in a long time.

So she asked to meet me in person to find out more about me and my goals.

Long story short, it went really well. I went in expecting that she had asked to meet me so that she wouldn’t come off as unkind or dismissive in an email when she told me that it wasn’t a good idea and I should think harder and look elsewhere for fulfillment and career direction. By the time we left two and a half hours later, she was “energized” and “excited” (her actual words) and thinks I’m an “ideal law student” because my background, personality, interests, and goals align with what is possible in the field. She encouraged me to get to studying for the LSAT and offered to speak to the admissions people at the law school where she teaches about some questions I have about my timeline.

It’ll be hard. Very hard. If I weren’t afraid of law school, especially that first year, I’d be stupid. But I also believe I can do it, and if I do pursue it, that I can be successful.

So tomorrow after nap time the oldest son and I are going to the book store to pick up an LSAT logic games book and learn this stuff. Or rather, re-learn things I learned how to do in elementary school TAG and completely forgot how to do immediately.

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